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Wanted Man Common Law Wife Charged, after He Escaped in Bushes

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JAMAICAN NEWS, FEBRUARY 18, 2018 – Wanted Man Common Law Wife Charged

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – A 35 years old woman who was caught harbouring a fugitive in Galloway District in Bethel Town, Westmoreland on Wednesday, February 14, has now been officially charged with breaches of the Firearm Act.

She has been identified as Sherrone Thompson a Customer Service Clerk also of Galloway District.

The Mckoy’s News team have also been informed that the police Constable who is attached to the Westmoreland police division and who was shot and injured in the said incident has since been released from hospital.

Reports by the Bethel Town Police are that about 5:45 am., on Wednesday, February 14, members of a joint team carried out an operation in Bethel Town policing area in search of a wanted man identified as Donovan Roach, otherwise called Tom Roach, 30-year-old, unemployed of Orange Hill in Darliston district.

He is being sought for murder, shooting with intent, illegal possession of firearm and ammunition and wounding.

According to the lawmen, they went to a house said to be occupied by Thompson, who is also said to be is the alleged common-law wife of the wanted man.

After making injuries as to Roach’s whereabouts they were informed by her that he was not there.

Minutes later Roach was seen jumping from a window while firing a barrage of gunshots at the police and later made his escape in bushes.

During the exchange of gunfire one of the police Constable was shot and injured.

Wanted Man Common Law Wife Charged: a search was then carried out in the house and the lawmen discovered a shotgun and a 9mm magazine. Thompson was taken into custody and subsequently charged with Breaches of the Firearm Act.

One investigator pointed out that she could also see her herself being slapped with additional charges at a later date which included harbouring a fugitive.

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