Wanted Man Arrested and Charged with Murder, in St James

Latest Jamaica News, St James (McKoy’s News):  Wanted Man Arrested The Freeport police have now laid murder charges against a 27-year-old construction worker, who was recently apprehended after being sought for the murder of another man, in Potosi District, St James, earlier this year.

Charges with murder, Bodily Harm and Burglary is Shalando Stewart, otherwise called “Scubbie” of Spring Mount community, also in St James.

Stewart has been charged with the murder of Demar Baker, of Potosi district in St Johns, St James, who he allegedly shot and partially severing his neck, in April of this year.

Reports by the police are that on Saturday, April 20, 2019, Stewart and two other men armed themselves with handguns and machetes, and went to Barrett’s home in search of him.

They forced their way inside the house, held Barrett’s teenage brother at gunpoint, and asked him the whereabouts of his older brother.

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Stewart and the other two gunmen tied up the teenager and then ransacked the house. At that point, Barrett and his common-law wife came home, and he was ambushed and shot by the men.

Barrett’s common-law wife managed to escape and hid in bushes. His teenager brother also managed to free himself and escape.

They were assisted by residents to the police station where they made a report.

The police drove to the location and discovered Barrett lying outside the house in a pool of blood, with his neck partially severed. He also had multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body.

The police say Stewart and his cronies managed to elude them, until he was held during an operation carried out in the area.

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