Vybz Kartel Shades Jahmiel, Alkaline Over Diss Tracks, Jahmiel Claps Back “Him A Friend Killer”

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel is again lashing out, following the release of the Jahmiel’s Chronic Law diss track, titled Quaran Kill yesterday, and Alkaline’s diss track titled Nah Fi Like on April 20.

Jahmiel’s single took aim at Vybz Kartel after he sought to tip the scales in Law’s favor.  Along with a disrespectful cover art for the track, Jahmiel sang that he’s so powerful that not even the incarcerated GAZA leader can save Chronic Law from his wrath.  Alkaline‘s diss track also similarly targeted Kartel’s situation in prison and refuted his claims of running Dancehall from behind bars.

In an Instagram post today, Kartel has seemingly addressed Jahmiel’s diss track by reminding the deejay of his song titled Freedom which was released in 2013. The motivational ballad for imprisoned youths was also dedicated to Kartel and his co-convict Shawn Storm and opened with “Freedom is a must! // Worl’ Boss. Keep your head up. [Shawn Storm] // And all the real yutes dem who get locked up” before a chorus that promised “it will be okay”.

In the caption, Kartel sarcastically said “Big chune mi son!”. “All a you frien dem from jose marti (memba portmore and ‘panish town a my place) including “shorty” tell me say ya GAZA form school”, he added.

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#tbt Alkaline (third from left) and his GAZA crew

In another post today, Kartel also submitted a throw back photo of Alkaline which he captioned  “#tbt #GazaCrew back in di day”.  The Vendetta boss is seen third from left, in the purple shirt and white pants, representing for GAZA in the old photo. 

Jahmiel quickly clapped back and admitted that he may have once been GAZA supporter, but he says that was before he knew Kartel was capable of killing a friend. On a screenshot of Kartel’s post, the Great Man deejay said: “That a before mi find out him a friend killer @vybzkartel #Patriotz”.

Vybz Kartel, Storm and two other men were convicted in April 2014 for the murder of close associate Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.  The conviction was upheld in their appeal this month, but their sentences were marginally reduced.

Jahmiel is now associated with the dancehall collective, the MVP – which consists of Mavado and Alkaline. Indeed, it was Jahmiel’s 2017 song “Bad Dawgs” which may have birthed the collective with lyrics, “and if you never know // don’t f$ck with MVP // In other words, Most Valuable Players // In other words, Mavado, Vendetta, Patriots // You see weh me a say?”.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />While tensions between Kartel and Mavado/Alkaline go back for years, the Worl’ Boss’ opinion of Jahmiel was once different from what it is today.

In April 2019, he made a cryptic Facebook post about some “Bad Dawgs” which was thought to be directed at Jahmiel’s new association with the MVP, urging the artiste to drop their company.  “An artist was doing good until he start flex wid one Pittbul and wah German Shepherd.. Yuh need fi drop dah company deh dawg.. Or else u ago lame out yuh ting. ” Kartel wrote in that post.

So it seems, both Alkaline and Jahmiel once respected Vybz Kartel and likewise Kartel once respected Jahmiel. That’s definitely no longer the case today.


Source: Dancehallmag

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