Vybz Kartel Says Beenie Man Is The Old King Of Dancehall

There’s no love lost between the two contenders for the King of Dancehall. That’s at least according to a post on Vybz Kartel’s Instagram following a small feud between himself and Beenie Man.

In a Instagram post yesterday, Kartel reposted photo that was posted on Beenie Man’s page, which has both artistes hugging and smiling, with the caption “The old king @kingbeenieman aka ” His Former Highness ” & di new King #vybzkartel #pharaohimmortal blessings DJ.”

Earlier this week a fan triggered Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, when he said “Beenie man a king of the dancehall, so stop give u self false title [email protected]

Kartel shot back at the fan and said: “Hey boy marie, a beenie a [email protected]%k you?? Queer a dancehall dat.”

This then triggered a response from Beenie Man, whose real name is Anthony Moses Davis who posted “We nuh kill champion, wi build champion. Blessings DJ. #Kingbeenieman     #BeenieMan #MosesDavis #G.O.A.T.”

But following Kartel’s latest post it seems the two are not about to start a war and each has accepted his own unique placement in Dancehall.

Fans of Kartel were happy to see the issue peacefully resolved. This was cemented by the fact that over 2000 people commented on the post and it has already received over 48 000 likes.

This fan commented: “Gaza run di world why beenie nuh go buy a plaza and leave out the Gaza bout him a king a wonder if him still a sing  ,” while another added that Kartel’s role with Jamaica’s youth is what makes him the king: “Like how you play your part in advising the youths from where you are at .Continue to play your part .We need you to talk about the government lack of action to protect people and teach the yute dem to use their brain and think for themselves, especially in times like these .Teach them to use the internet to further educate themselves. At this point all medical journals and scientific research papers are available for free on Google.scholar.com, these are usually subscriptions and expensive.”

Another fan noted: “study vybzkartel and run mad lol kartel is the real Don any other a fake!.”

However not all the comments were in Kartel’s favour. Some fans clearly believe that Beenie Man should hold the crown for his contribution to Dancehall, like this fan who said: “@vybzkartel how could you be the king of the dancehall? And you they in jail.”

However most agreed that both artistes have contributed tremendously to Dancehall and each will always have their place as King in the genre at one time or another.


Source: Dancehallmag

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