‘Vybz Kartel’ Remix: A Tribute To The Worl’ Boss From Wasp

The teacher is proclaimed the Worl’ Boss, King and Savior of dancehall. If you missed it the first time, Wasp has ‘wappy’ with the release of the ‘Vybz Kartel‘ remix featuring the Worl’ Boss himself.

The previous solo performance, by Wasp, entitled Vybz Kartel was released on April 20, 2020, counting for over 170,000 views on YouTube. Now, in a new release of the (remixed) song on May 13, 2020, with Addi’s voice added the track has amassed over 44,000 views in a little over 24 hours.

In a thoughtfully put together tribute to the brand that is Vybz Kartel, Wasp has laid it all out on the table for those questioning the reign of the King of Dancehall.

The song begins with Kartel leading into the first verse, entering with a militant style synonymous with his latest toasts on offer in ADIADKING, Uptop Gaza, and Sociopath. He saunters along with a citation of how well he has done in the music industry, flowing on the beat, without airphones to voice. He moves into the clinical way he has led the genre for over ten years, with details of his gun and girl’s prowess.

The deejay, with the bars from behind bars, is claimed to have influenced over 90% of the current crop of artists from his fledgling days, and until now he’s at the summit of the dancehall.

When it was Wasp’s turn, like gassing an engine, he stopped for nothing as he enlisted the slangs, social trends, businesses and body of work done by the “undisputed champion”; making mention of Kartels long term partnership with Tanesha, his two sons, his successful interface with the ladies, and his hefty bank account. Wasp compares his own achievements to that of the lyrical master as he seeks to now position himself to aspire to the regarded greatness.

Wasp skillfully puts tidbits of the most recent happenings with ‘Di Teacha’, some of his recent song titles in the nod to the lyrical genius he is, as well as current happenings with his own personal and professional life.

He lauds the impeccable work ethics of the ‘Worl’ Boss,’ while showing how much he is also on the journey to the top. With major intentions of creating waves and leading the industry just like the man he is toasting.

You are invited to raise your glasses and clear your throats, and drink bountifully to the speech so good it was had to rerecorded and replayed.


Source: Dancehallmag

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