Vybz Kartel Recruits Lisa Mercedez For New Song, ‘Run Dancehall’: Listen

Veteran Vybz Kartel has linked with dancehall artiste Lisa Mercedez on their much-anticipated track Run Dancehall. The singers released their collab today (May 2) on YouTube and on the Apple and Amazon music services. Listen to it below.

Run Dancehall may be the first single off of Kartel’s upcoming Of Dons & Divas album, which he previously teased would include a collaboration between the duo titled WorlBoss.  Could that be a name change, or is another single from the pair in the works ?

The 3-minute track was produced by freshman producer Jermaine Baker of JB Productions who gets a shout-out in the intro. Baker entered the business in 2018 and is so far best known for the JA Bounce riddim which was released in November 2019 and included entries from Beenie Man, TeeJay, Vershon and D’Angel.

The short but very catchy chorus sees upcoming deejay Lisa Mercedez bolstering the Worl’ Boss’ claims to dancehall’s throne, as she effortlessly sings “Yoo, Di WorldBoss cya stall, Yo a Addi a d King and him a run Dancehall”.

The pair also previously collaborated on Lisa’s track titled Real Love which was released in early April.  The UK-based dancehall singer has been the target of death threats since announcing that she had returned to the Islamic faith and still intended to continue her dancehall career. The heavy backlash and threats eventually forced her to apologize and delete the music video for her song Shahada which offended some users by its use of a prayer from the Koran.

Baker’s production melds with Kartel’s distinct delivery, and allows Run Dancehall to secure a place among the top tier of the hundreds of songs the incarcerated deejay has released. In the second verse he fires some memorable lyrics which some other rival deejays like Aidonia would not contest.

Me a run di universe, di world a mine same way
Big up every DJ.. .90% a unuh a my DNA
Talk truth
Wi come from a sperm and a egg
But a badmind bwoy is a slime same way

Aidonia indeed spoke his truth last week when he praised Kartel’s dominance over the genre, saying “Addi A Mi Daddy”, but he expressed concern for Kartel’s mental health after he lost his appeal in early April and began feuding with several other artistes over Instagram including Champion Bwoy, Alkaline.

Alkaline might have shown some “badmind” when he dissed Kartel and his claims to dancehall’s throne in his song Nah Fi Like which was released on April 20.

The second verse continues with lyrics:

Caught pon di camera, di crime tape play
Fucking ediat, yuh do it inna USA

Could the “ediat” (idiot) be his former producer Miller 9? In October 2019, Miller was caught on camera in an home-invasion robbery and shooting in California that left one person dead and another injured. Police later caught up with him in Florida, and he could face the death penalty for the crimes.

Fan reaction to Run Dancehall has been overwhelming positive. “The convincing vocalist and euphoric singer. Pharaoh himself. Please reiterate. Like dem nah learn”, said one YouTube listener. “When people dispute the fact that you are the King of Dancehall, they are in denial. Perfect timing, di tune nuh normal Vybz Kartel is versatile and Lisa Mercedes has a lovely voice. It’s a HIT for me. Big up your status JB Baker Productions”, another fan added.

Another user declared, “Now I know why a lot of other artists hate Kartel because he sets the standard so high they can’t reach it”

Listen to Run Dancehall below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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