Vybz Kartel Reacts To Alkaline’s New Diss Track On Instagram

It doesn’t appear that Vybz Kartel will be turning a blind eye to Alkaline’s recent diss track. The incarcerated King of the Dancehall, whose real name is Adidja Azim Palmer, has caught wind of ‘Nah Fi Like’, which was released today with over 200,000 views in 10 hours.

The track takes aim at Kartel and flat out calls him a liar for claiming to run dancehall from behind bars. Like Intence‘s Question, Nah Fi Like further trolls Kartel’s present situation in jail and the fact that Palmer obviously does not receive the personal satisfaction from females that Alkaline enjoys.

Taking to Instagram, in a post-and-delete on Monday night (April 20), Kartel clapped back by writing a prayer for the Champion “Blind” Boy.

“Dear Lord. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be in America counting buildings & billboards instead of climbing the billboard charts & selling gold, while Kartel locked up not getting p—-“, Kartel said in photo caption. “Lord i dont have a child because my sperm count is low and i didnt have sex till AFTER graduation, what must i do?? I now realise the brawta ting cant breed gyal”

Alkaline resides in Miami, Florida according to some sources, and by most accounts does not yet have a child.  Vendetta fans were quick to point out that Kartel was 27 when he had his first child, while Alkaline is currently 26 years old.

The “brawta thing” is a reference to a controversial Alkaline song titled ‘F— You‘ (2016),  which romanticized a sexual practice that many Jamaicans do not support.

The Worl’ Boss also suggested that Alkaline was trying to generate some clout by calling his name in the new song. “Lord i made a song today and i couldnt help calling Kartel’s name because in my mind i think he’s the greatest deejay ever and without him, my career will remain on the ventilator”, he said.

The now deleted clap back.
“Thank you lord.- from the blind boy.  “P.S. do you think i shouldve just become asstronaut like i said before? Ok bye”, he concludes.

Kartel has called Alkaline a “blind boy” for years in several diss tracks and public comments. In 2013, the Fleek deejay claimed he tattooed his eyeballs but later revealed it was just a publicity stunt with black contact lenses.

The two deejays (and by extension the Gaza and Vendetta camps) have been at odds since 2014 arguably over Kartel not receiving proper credit from the then up-and-coming artiste Alkaline.  Meanwhile, Alkaline has been repeatedly criticized and accused of copying the incarcerated dancehall superstar.


Source: Dancehallmag

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