Vybz Kartel & Massive B’s ‘About Us’ Gives Wisdom To Ghetto Youths

Vybz Kartel’s ‘About Us’ is one of the artiste’s newest hits and a breath of fresh air to current Dancehall rotation.

‘About Us’ was debuted on the acclaimed Onstage TV show by host Winford Williams on May 16, 2020. The song is also expected to appear on HOT 97 icon Bobby Konders’ Massive B Vol 2 compilation.

The Massive B produced song is a message of encouragement and strong caution – “Fresh from Kingston, giving you the wisdom, wisdom, weed and rizzla, every ghetto yute haffi mek it to the top, nutten nah gwan, Babylon …up”.

In a playful throwback flow, the Sociopath deejay, under the influence of weed and rizzla, gives us the wisdom gathered over his years; simply put “they don’t give a damn about us”.

He encourages the ghetto youths to be men in pursuit of making it to the top, even though there is not much help from the authorities that govern them. Adding that for ‘us’ (maybe meaning Gaza Nation) the sentiments are mutual toward Babylon – ‘Ghetto yute watch yuh self, don’t trust, memba seh dem nuh give a damn about us, tell yuh pickney dem nuh nervous, dem nuh give a damn about us…”

Strewn with positive vibes and many uplifting messages, the teacher proclaims that this is the time for us to unite and be productive in our work. In a cut above the rest he paraphrases Marcus Garvey’s message of unity; of course, still giving recognition to the source.  – “Been around the whole world, an suppn tell mi she wi nah learn, unity time right now start work, no unuh self, Marcus Garvey words.”

The track is welcomed as a testament to his kingship of the dancehall and a breath of fresh air in the current day to day rotation.  Watch the Official Music Video below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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