Vybz Kartel Endorses Mackerel’s New Single Despite Name-dropping Of His Baby Mother

Vybz Kartel Endorses Mackerel’s New Single  – Many thought her ONLY aim was to entertain via videos and sending messages about “tekking people man” and this wouldn’t last; but viral sensation and now deejay, Mackerel, has extended her “15 minutes of fame.” The artiste has recently released her new single “A Suh Mi’’ which has been making waves on various social media sites and even gain the recognition of veteran dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel.

The young deejay’s lyrical arrangement of the song and bars grab the ‘Worl Boss’ attention after he posted the cover along with a minute of the song on his Instagram page with the caption endorsing the lyrics where Mackerel mentioned his baby mama “Shorty.” In the same breath, Kartel also encourages Mackerel to continue reaching for higher heights in her musical career.

Shorty wah kill u she hear say u [love] Addi?? Wul dem Mackerel & try offa di riches!!!! @lavasound mi HAFFI love DANCEHALL @shaneo876_world_balla” says Kartel.

The song has been circulating on Youtube and Instagram since Wednesday and has gained over 185,000 views and over 2700 comments on Kartel’s post. Another 3,622 views were gained from the post made by Mackerel earlier today along with 82 comments thus far. Despite her passion to be a comedian, she has been on a steady path in her musical career which supporters think will be flourishing after this new track “A Suh Mi,” produced by Lava Sound and Burn Dem Records. Established dancehall artistes Jada Kingdom and Dancehall Queen “Spice” also showed their love and support towards the song.

Wol dem Mackerel,” Spice commented.

Other viewers express their love in comments such as:

From mi hear it mi love it, plus Kartel post it meck mi love it even more,” says @kingpin_tashisewell.

@Thousans7 says “Love your song, wicked, keep on doing great work, God bless u girl nuff love.

However, some fans are left speculating that the lyrics to the song was written by Kartel or dancehall artiste Shaneo due it being one of Mackerel’s most well written tracks of her three songs and the flow and melody is similar to that of both artistes. Speculations were also made based on fans pointing out that Vybz Kartel tagged Shaneo in the post after his comment on the song.

A few lyrics from the song reads, “without me dem rice nuh nice, if dem naah chat me dem life nuh nice, a me dem hussy wah tuck dem wife nuh nice…mi see ‘wow’ a try dis mi shi a nuh nobaddy…Shorty wah kill mi because mi [love] addi…A suh mi siddung and tan tuddy…

@Shanikaduckett wrote “Am not a hater but the song is getting a lot of buzz because is Shaneo wrote it….cheers to him by the way.”

Another fan who agrees comment on Kartel’s post saying “Why mi feel like a you write this ah send Mackerel a rd teacher, we kno a you say woman fi buss enuh like how u leggo Vanessa bling same suh ya send out Mackerel,” claim @mhzevabless.

The assumptions went on but nevertheless, the majority of Mackerel’s supporters believe that she “did the song justice” whether or not she scripted it and this will be the hit song to propel her to the top on the dancehall charts.

Keep climbing the success ladder bbyg. All dem can do is talk, but dem cya touch u from u focus,” says @fashionjam876.

Another viewer advised Mackerel on choosing her company wisely from now on because there are devious persons all around who will envy her for her success.

…Gwan do you thing still mi like the progress, keep pushing, hope u surrounding yourself with positive minded people, cauz there [are] a lot of badmind people out there, believe you me,” says @deeosis.

The young female artiste has also been featured on several local and international staged shows and music videos, parties, endorsing businesses and hosting events, since she came to prominence via a viral video earlier this year. She gained a lot of backlash and negative name-calling from the video in which she seemed to be encouraging women to date other women’s boyfriends or husbands. Mackerel however never used the negativity to hinder her progress but instead used it as a drive into achieving more. Now, with her latest endorsement by the lyricist, Vybz Kartel, fans are also suggesting that the ‘Teacha’ should do a collaboration with Mackerel.

Natasha Williams – Writer

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