Vybz Kartel Drops ‘Sociopath’ To Silence His Critics: Listen

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has delivered another fast-paced, action-packed track, titled Sociopath. The deejay is definitely taking aim at his critics and showing that he still has what it takes to defend his top ranking in Dancehall.

The song was produced by produced by Naviigator Ent and was released earlier today May 8th on YouTube.

Kartel gets straight into it with the opening verse of the song:

“Man a killer from birth
Real psychopathic sociopath
Mi psych eval ah show so far
Mi likely fi all strike yuh wid ah motorcar
And photograph di scene and buss off out yuh screen
Knock him out, ah dose of Holyfield
Mi captivate di fans like coke
Ah wul di fiend, wi do dis easier dan breathing
Dats another album by dis evening.”

His flow is so quick on this one that it’s difficult to keep up with at times but as the song rightfully says it’s destined to be an absolute banger and has elements of early Kartel who is known for destroying competition.

Kartel maintains his hype approach throughout the entire track and it’s an exciting track from start to finish and amazingly sounds youthful. It’s another showcase of the range of his skill as he recently released Life Giver on May 5th which is an ode to mothers of the world.

This one is obviously not intended for that demographic and feels like he’s sending a message to all who would try to cross him.

In another verse he chants:

“Rise di bomber, scammer
Hammer to di copper
Proper burial
Wi mad medical
Wi hot Senegal
Wi too lyrical
Teacha, school principal
Boss ah di world
Gone wid yuh girl.”

Within the first thirty minutes of launching the video had over 20 000 views and more than 700 comments with fans debating the artiste’s greatness while admiring the delivery of this particular track.

This fan admired the artistes longevity: “20 years of new style and flow like a river..All who agree. Hit the thumps up or liff yuh guns up!” another fan, who was in awe of Kartel’s lyrical abilities added: “If this man nuh have a alien brain I’m a dead man alive   give a like if him a the greatest and this fan declared that there was no greater in Dancehall at the moment: “Who is the undisputed champion? The artiste you listening to right now!  .”

This fan probably summed it up best when he said: “Vybz Kartel cannot stand to see anyone else at #1, not even himself.  he keeps on out doing himself.

Listen to Sociopath by Vybz Kartel below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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