Vybz Kartel Disses Intence Over YouTube Trending Spot, Intence Claps Back

Like any esteemed royal, waiting is simply not acceptable, just ask the Worl’ Boss. The overly confident and disputable King of Dancehall demonstrated just that yesterday in reaction to the delayed exposure and spotlight he has grown accustomed to.

This all unfolded when Vybz Kartel premiered his mega collab with TeeJay the Up Top Boss titled Up Top Gaza. The single released on VybzKartelRadio and TeejayOfficial VEVO and YouTube pages on April 10th some time in the early afternoon around 1pm.

After enough time had elapsed, the impatient Worl’ Boss was clearly confused as to why he hadn’t yet landed the #1 Trending spot on YouTube’s Popular In Jamaica channel. It appeared dancehall artiste Intence was sitting comfortably on what was apparently his throne. The official video for Intence’s single Tears Dem Dry was still holding steadily on the #1 position.

This provoked Kartel somewhat, prompting him into a mini vent insinuating that maybe some artistes are buying YouTube likes in order to be trending.  “Somn wrong wid @vevo? or a some guys a buy trending?”, Kartel said in a Instagram post.

Intence clearly got wind of the very bold claim and realizing the accusation decided to scribble a feisty post of his very own. He screenshot his video on YouTube and captioned it “CYA DRAW WE OUT BETTA YUH WUL UH NIGHT SLEEP  #1TRENDING #YENGBADNESS #GENNAJETTLIFE”. Perhaps Intence thought he would continue holding the #1 spot until the following morning.

Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for the Worl’ Boss to take back his place on the coveted throne. Up Top Gaza jumped into the #1 trending position after 9 hours and 40 minutes of its release, at the time with just 186k views according to Kartel, he documented the moment in another post similarly captured the screen to display the details with the caption “#1 trending 9hr: 40 m   @shabdonrecords @uptopboss_official #hellfroma ?”

Intence’s Tears Dem Dry dropped to #2, while his other releases Right Or Wrong and Dawg Dem took the #3 and #4 spot respectively – which is still very impressive for the upcoming artiste.

It could have all ended there and all would have been right in the world of dancehall again, but it didn’t.

In an Instagram Story, Kartel went further and apparently dissed Intence saying, “Dancehall can’t stall because its not owned by anyone, but it will neva be inherited by the meek.”

The veteran dancehall deejay cautioned that he’s giving “them hell from a cell”, while artistes who are shaping up to take his place and be “megastars” are free.  “So all who a throw wud jus know say a #road unuh de, gwaan f#ck some gyal n mek some money but MEGA STAR status ?! nope! Unuh never will get dat,” he said.

He ended the admittedly petty rant with “cause just like @grunggaadzilla (Bounty Killer), me kno star when we see star, and you’re not it n#gga”.

But is Kartel really like Bounty Killer though ?

In 2002, an irate Buju Banton grabbed the mic from Kartel and publicly disrespected the then upcoming artiste on stage.   Bounty defended Kartel saying, “Gargamel no disrespect but you can’t disrespect the young artist them like that.”  “You have to set example see what me a say,” Bounty said.


Source: Dancehallmag

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