Vybz Kartel Diss Beenie Man As ‘Queer Of Dancehall’, Beenie Responds Like A King

Dancehall veterans Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man, who both hold claims to the title of the King of Dancehall, had a very interesting exchange on Instagram recently after Kartel was triggered by a fan.

It all unfolded yesterday (April 13th) when a fan of Beenie Man, whose real name is Anthony Moses Davis, commented under one of Kartel’s Instagram posts and said: “Beenie man a king of the dancehall, so stop give u self false title [email protected]

Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, was quick to fireback and said: “Hey boy marie, a beenie a [email protected]%k you?? Queer a dancehall dat.” Kartel definitely went for the jugular as anything associated with homosexuality in Jamaica is still very much taboo and considered one of the worst things a man can be called on the island.

Beenie Man shot back, all be it in a classy way but he subtly informed Kartel that he is the King of Dancehall and as his post states the greatest of all time in Dancehall. Beenie posted screenshot of Kartel’s comments and a throwback picture of himself with Kartel and added the caption: “We nuh kill champion, wi build champion. Blessings DJ. #Kingbeenieman   #BeenieMan #MosesDavis #G.O.A.T”

The caption was inspired by lyrics from one of Kartel’s own songs, titled Make Di Star Shine.

Beenie’s fans were quick to reply in agreement. One fan said: “How u fi be a king and deh a prison … kartel need fi stop it! Him lyrically bad n thing but he’s doing too much #everyman is a king. Big up yuhself Bennie,” another said: “Big Up Beenie.

Yuh can’t pay certain ppl no mind. Long time beenie been on BET N 106 N Park sum of dem neva reach N Bragg more,” and another added: “BEENIE MAN AH DI KING OF DANCEHALL matter of fact he the one encourage kartel fi branch out and go solo smh then Beenie seh A Gaza mi seh suh why this backstabbing bredda nuh stop bring on Canibalistic style inna wi worl though??”

Under the same comment Kartel’s fans also commented letting Beenie know that they firmly believe that Kartel is the G.O.A.T.

This Gaza fan said: “frl man beenie no remember how him use to fight fi the kingship from yellow man, till him did finally get it… just pre a dancheall without @vybzkartel n beenie as king it would of been the worst f$#king genre in music ever yah dig medz the last decade in dancehall n name 5 beenie you could vibe to ?, ok i didn’t so #amout!”

Some fans have speculated that Kartel’s heated response to the fan stemmed from his frustration at being incarcerated, while others wonder if his heated fire back is because he and Bounty Killer are once again close friends.  Beenie Man was once married to Michelle “D’Angel” Downer and she was previously known as the long-time girlfriend of Bounty Killer.

There’s been no official reply from Vybz Kartel to Beenie’s comment but knowing the artiste, it’s probably on the way. Fans will be staying close to social media to see how far this war between two kings reaches.


Source: Dancehallmag

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