Vybz kartel coming home for Christmas new single “Beautiful Island”

Jamaica News: The dancehall “KING!” Releases a CHRISTMAS ANTHEM “Beautiful Island”

In the track, the “King” Vybz Kartel graphically display how Jamaican celebrate Christmas, with our delicious whine cake and sorrel. The enjoyable parties we have on this beautiful Island VYBZ KARTEL WISHES EVERYONE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

“Di whine cake set a record Red label whine sorrel a go sell off Paint up di place, whitewash di side walk Oh my God today a today di year to hear dance”


Christmas is a time of giving and togetherness this is what Vybz kartel bring forth in his in new single spreading the Christmas spirit and joy, the beat also gives off that Christmas sensation rhythm

The comment section is blazing off with Christmas spirit some of the viewers commented and said


“Worlboss never disappoint him fans them #freeworldboss gaza Christmas ⭐⭐ dah song yah mek mi feel the Christmas spirit”


“A swear to god me just inah a taxi and a seh the place look lame and xmas just deh round the corner…ise me reach a me yard to rass and listen this me start feel eh xmas vybz So u know this man is more than just a artist.. The youth great, enu let him go”


The World Boss speaks with conviction saying that he’s coming home for Christmas in his new track


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