Vybz Kartel Celebrates Motherhood With New Single, ‘Life Giver’

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Adijah ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer is celebrating his ‘Baby Mother’. In a new single release today (May 5), titled ‘Life Giver’ the veteran Dancehall deejay, celebrates the child bearing mother.

Since signing about mama has been exhausted in Dancehall, Kartel shows how entertainment in realism is delivered on the worldwide stage.  Already available on YouTube, the new single is expected to be a hit this coming Mother’s Day weekend.

Kartel affectionately caresses the baby bump of his ‘baby-mother’ with his kind words of love, affection and deep appreciation. In cracked melody, he expresses the overwhelming tear-filled experience of joy that being blessed with a new baby brings.

The artiste recounts his feelings of sheer excitement and undiluted bliss when he learnt of his baby’s existence. He expresses his gratitude for the sacrifice and commitment made by his baby mother to carry their child into the world. The bounty of his ecstatic pride for his baby girl or boy is further revealed in his assured love for the mother and their baby.

It’s not new for Kartel to publicly express his love and affection, especially to the ladies in his life. He was never reluctant to sing to Tanesha, the mother of his children, one who many calls his ride or die partner. He has done songs like, ‘Baby Mother’ ‘Tanesha’, ‘Love Yuh To Mi Heart’; even apology songs, such as – ‘I Am Sorry’, all said to be dedicated to his baby mother Shorty.

Yes, it is his style to appreciate the ladies, but none of his fans saw this one coming. However, if we know the Worl’ Boss well, we will know that he loves his children, so it is only fitting that he pays his regards to their mother as well.

In Life Giver, Kartel has again outshined them all. So far, some artiste has hailed their mothers, grandmothers and even sisters, others are elevating with accolades their high value woman, but in a soulful barytone the Worl’ Boss acknowledges the woman who delivers his child to the world.

Always current, always topical and ready to applaud those deserving of unquestionable respect, he has done it for his mother, and his sisters; now, today, this one is for his baby mama – and very well said.

Real Big Man Ting! Hats off Kartel.  Watch the official Lyric video below for Life Giver.


Source: Dancehallmag

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