Vybz Kartel And Mavado Reignite Feud Over This Instagram Photo Of Sons

The war between Vybz Kartel and Mavado is getting ugly.  Again.

This latest episode shows that Kartel is going for the jugular and not even children will be spared, but Mavado is definitely not going to let that slide.

The two Dancehall artistes have been rivals for years now and it’s been taken up a notch after Kartel posted an old picture of his son, Likkle Vybz and Mavado’s son Dantay Brooks on April 25th, which was captioned “History Pic! Busoff n Laugh Dante.”

In another post, Kartel wrote, “Some man used to love say #2 cell….den him son go drop a jail. Big up son him a real ute and him and my son good. Some a unuh weh a talk bout [back fist] mek me tell u dis…unuh sau unuh a badman n a style prisoner?

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Mavado’s son Dantay and Vybz Kartel’s son Likkle Vybz (from left to right)

Mavado’s son, Dantay, is currently behind bars awaiting his case for murder.  He recently turned 18, and according to some reports has been transferred from juvenile detention to an adult facility.  It’s clear that Vybz Kartel is hitting where it hurts and shading Mavado with some karma for his 2016 diss track, Mr Dead, which included references to a “cell block #2” and accused Kartel of homosexual tendencies in prison.

Kartel’s words also show his clear frustration with being incarcerated and the fact that the MVP, an alliance between AlkalineJahmiel and Mavado, has been using this against him in their diss tracks. Alkaline’s Nah Fi Like, released on April 20, called Kartel an “annie palmer” without access to females, while Jahmiel’s Quaran Kill, released on April 22, alleged that he can only “back fists” in prison.  Kartel fired back on Instagram at both diss tracks, reminding Jahmiel and Alkaline that they were both once GAZA supporters, but there was still 1/3 of the MVP left to deal with and Kartel had a very special “history” lesson planned for Mavado.

Vybz Kartel ended the contentious post, addressed to the MVP, saying, “Try no get lock up not even fi a spliff cause it go wicked pon u..just ask ninja.”

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Ninjaman and his son, Janeil Ballentyne are now behind bars after being sentenced to a life in prison for the murder of Ricardo Johnson on March 16, 2009. In 2017, while he was out on bail, Ninja told the Jamaica Star that he didn’t believe prisoners even needed conjugal visits.  In 2018, after he was convicted and sentenced, it was reported that Ninja had to be relocated after getting the cold shoulder from inmates and some prison officials.  “The officers are treating ‘Addi’ (Vybz Kartel) better than him. Him send fi a 50-inch TV and dem take it away. He paid for it to come in illegal though. The inmates dem a bun him out because him did a say man must not get sex from dem girls in prison and now see him drop a di same place,” the report said.

So Kartel uses Ninjaman and Dantay, to illustrate why the MVP should stop using the fact that someone is behind bars as an insult.  He draws a parallel to Ninjaman’s story and Mavado’s 2016 diss as an example (and a warning in Dantay’s case) of karma and how tough jail can be for artistes (and maybe even those close to them) who disrespect prisoners.

Mavado had largely stayed out of the back and forth, until he made two Instagram posts on April 23 and 24. The first showed support for Jahmiel’s handling of the Kartel clapback after Quaran Kill‘s release. Jahmiel had retorted to Kartel that he is a “friend killer”, and Mavado said “how you bad so Bloodclattttttt.”  The other post made it clear that he is no stranger to war if it comes to that, “Chat chat chat I don’t have to say a word you know my actions very dark.”

Mavado Responds In DMs

The call out definitely worked as Mavado has directly expressed his anger about Kartel’s use of his son, in an Instagram DM that was later made public.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Mavado said to Kartel, “How you just post post up the kid so a what kind of message you try send because you can’t style him..and you know dat so what’s your Goal just stop post the Man remember we don’t beg friend! And you can’t intimidate him, so just know the games dem that you playing little youth…because I don’t play games and you know dat so just chat whatever else you have to say about other people on social media and stop call up dantay name@vybzkartel.”

It is interesting that Mavado, 38, calls Vybz Kartel, 44, a “little youth”.

In another Instagram post, Kartel soberly responded and denied trying to use or intimidate Mavado’s son Dantay.  He said Dantay is stronger than his father and suggested that Mavado was overreacting to the post and the photo of the boys.

“All when we a war 1Millionyear mi would style u son ute. Him tougher dan u! Come outta u feelinz punk. wah kinda fuckry ya post pon u story about intimidate. U too corrupt so u think everybody corrupt”, Kartel said.

This is sure to illicit another response from Mavado, which may elevate this beef to new heights.


Source: Dancehallmag

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