Voodoo Altar and Mummified Remains Found at Home of Man Accused of Child Sex Abuse

New Jersey, USA (Mckoy’s News): Mummified Remains Found A man who the Newark police say was found with mummified remains in his closet when they conducted a search of his dwelling, has on Monday pleaded not guilty to desecrating human remains and child sex abuse charges.

Robert Williams, a 53-year-old Newark resident was arrested this month, following reports that he had been abusing a 13-year-old boy for several months.

Authorities executed a search warrant of Williams’ home on Thursday and were sent into shock after they made the grim discovery in his apartment.

According to the Essex County Prosecutor’s office, they found mummified human remains in his closet and an unknown deity in his bedroom.

Among the human remains found were ahead, part of an arm and a torso dressed in a necktie and jacket suit, along with dozens of bones which were found in containers in various parts of his apartment.

The deity was placed at an altar which was laden with tambourines,  animal horns, beads, castles, a picture of a crucifixion and a statue of Aunt Jemima. It is presumed that the altar was apparently being used in Voodoo and Santeria practices.

Williams claimed that he had bought the bones off the internet, however, it is unclear how the purchases were arranged or whose remains they are.

Williams entered the “not guilty” plea on Monday, but the judge ordered him to remain in custody until his trial.

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