Voice Note Leaks Of TeeJay Allegedly Wishing To Collab With Alkaline

Dancehall artiste TeeJay have found himself in a bit of a pickle since a potentially embarrassing voice note leaked with him allegedly wishing and hoping to collaborate with his former dancehall idol – yes, Alkaline!

The Up Top Boss is now the subject of ridicule particularly among fans who have attentively tuned in to the current feud between him and the Vendetta leader. This is especially funny since it has been alleged that TeeJay seemingly started this whole spectacle.

What’s even funnier is that the audio was leaked apparently by Alkaline or someone from the Vendetta clan. Just yesterday April 7th, alkaline_daily (Alkaline’s official media page) on Instagram uploaded a string of very incriminating posts, i.e. the controversial voice note and two comical renditions of it plus a screenshot of an inbox message from Teejay’s IG account (uptopboss_official) to alkaline_daily to remove the post/s.

The message read: “Tek e dung fimi deh plz”, simply verifying the voice behind the audio, if anyone ever doubted it. The corresponding caption read: “Coulda bawl till yuh yiy ball dry out Neva tek nothing weh we cya handle NOPE!!”

In the voice note, which seemed to have been recorded quite some time ago, TeeJay is allegedly heard optimistically saying that it’s time for him and the ‘deejay’ (Alkaline) to do a tune together as a way to bragger their prominence. Also boasting that if anyone in the industry is not affiliated with either Gully, Vendetta or Up Top, then it’s “their loss”. (Listen below) the caption for this one read: “You’re lost ” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” /> #UpFlopLoss #UpCap sym now ! #Fleejay #TeeGay”

In another and separate voice note that’s going around on YouTube, it is alleged that the person saying, “Alka a bad artisite man, yuh know dat man, Alka a bad artiste man. If him say come do, man a come do man, braff fi braff man”, is none other than Teejay as well. Again this would suggest that the voice note was from a distant past, when he clearly idolized of the Vendetta Boss and would jump through fire to do a collab.

Among the posts previewed on his IG page, Alkaline also edited a video of him self smoking a spliff with a doomy beat resounding as he deejays “ Yo (murda) afta dis mi nu wah hear nuttn from none a uno, yuh hear dat (murda, murda mi ting deh)” and the caption “Yere dat ? Kmt”.

How can you blame the Formula deejay, this tireless back and forthing has to come to an end eventually. Unfortunately, his recent posts were at TeeJay’s expense whether he deserved it or not, afterall the Up Top Boss hasn’t made any direct disses towards the Vendetta Boss after his accusations in his single MonopolyThe local fans combined with the YouTube bloggers however seem to be the real culprits behind escalating the issue between the two deejays recently.


Source: Dancehallmag

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