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Vision Alexander Teams Up With Jesse Royal On New Single ‘Right Now’

Vision Alexander & Jesse Royal - Right Now (Audio)

In a time where the ‘lows’ seem to be the order of the day, Vision Alexander alongside the ‘Small Axe’ Jesse Royal have teamed up to create the perfect tune to ‘get lifted’ to. ‘Right Now ’, produced by Grammy-winning producer Sean Alaric, is not just another ode to ‘the herb’ – it also chronicles the journey to its growing worldwide acceptance, a release from the artiste quotes him as saying.

“The vibe I was going for was to educate people on the [proverbial] journey that marijuana went on before it became more accepted for its medicinal use,” Alexander said. It’s about the story; each line of the track tells a unique story along the timeline of Marijuana’s journey to acceptance as something that can ‘do good’.

Marijuana has long been an object of glorification in reggae music as it embodies the spiritual traditions of Rastafarians who use the plant in medicinal and spiritual practices. In spite of its popularity however, it is fairly recently, in 2015, when marijuana was decriminalized for medicinal and religious use in Jamaica.

Rastafarians have long held that criminal prosecution for using marijuana was an infringement on their constitutional right to practice their religion. This song, according to Alexander also acknowledges that there is still a long way to go in dispelling the negative stereotypes associated with marijuana use.

Right Now was conceptualized after Alexander met up with Jesse Royal when the latter had begun working on his sophomore album. They decided to collaborate as they shared common interests. “Jesse is a strong advocate on the importance of marijuana and both of us share the same views. It was therefore a no brainer that we joined forces through music to make a joyful noise,” Alexander said.

Another noteworthy piece of this release is that this release is the digital 45 Side A / Side B nature of it. Side A is Right Now and Side B is a special dub version composed by powerhouse production duo, Natural High Music.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica Vision Alexander knew he was destined for great things from a young age. He got his start in the staple church setting and it was when he eventually moved to the UK that his musical pursuits officially began. He got his start by songwriting for a number of artistes but then decided to use his other talents to sing and perform. He was presented with an opportunity to open for singer Collie Buddz in 2011 and from there, began his journey as a singer thus leading him to releasing his hit single “ Jammin ” featuring Mojo Morgan of world renowned reggae band Morgan Heritage in 2015. That same year, he struck gold when his production of “ Right Time ” hit #5 on Billboard’s Hot Single Sales Chart. It was produced through his Jamdiggy Record Label production and featured Reggae singer Jamere Morgan.

Right Now Side A and Right Now Side B (Natural High Music Dub) are distributed by US-Based label Delicious Vinyl Island and is available on all digital platforms, with exciting visuals to follow soon. Vision Alexander is also working on his debut EP which he has teamed up once more with Sean Alaric to produce. He also looks forward to another collaboration with Jesse Royal on this developing project.


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