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There’s something about Jamaica, which is as gruesome in thought as it is in reality. I am talking about the killing of women and children across the island which has been taking place in isolated incidents. Most recently is the bitter murder of Shantel Wright in the very community where I grew up has sparked outrage not only in the community of Little London but island-wide.

Now, details of the circumstances surrounding her death are still sketchy after more than a week but, what is being alleged so far is that she was last seen with a policeman, with whom she allegedly had a relationship. Information has also been circulating that she was strangled with a belt, raped, stabbed several times and a large rock was used smash her face. So you see, as I said earlier, a gruesome crime. One with very little information which could lead to an understanding of what happened to Shantel Wright. There are no witnesses so far, no leads into another suspect and the Police have said that there is no evidence to suggest that the policeman alleged to be the killer, is the killer.

I know, this sounds like something out of a “Lifetime Movie” but, this really did happen in Jamaica and is still as shocking today as it was on the day the news broke.

At first, Shantel was reported missing after she did not return calls and messages from close friends and family members and she was not seen anywhere in her surroundings. A group of friends formed a search party and were given little to no support from the police in the area, which led to a protest and the blocking of the road from Negril to Sav-anna-la-mar, Westmoreland. The protest escalated after the search party found Shantel’s body in bushes close to her home.

Violence Against Women

Since then no motive has been established for her killing and what happened to Shantel Wright in her last hours and minutes remains a mystery.

Violence Against Women: Thinking about Shantel’s murder creeps me out and makes me extremely concerned for other young women and girls like her. There is nothing in the world that someone could tell me that would qualify as a reason why anyone should kill and destroy this young lady in such a cold and heartless way. Say she cheated, or lied to someone, or took their money, or did nothing at all!!! There is absolutely no excuse,  or explanation for this young lady to go so suddenly and in such a horrible way. Only evil men or women could commit such a heinous crime and it is my belief that only measures which match the deeds of these murderers will deter more killings in Jamaica. Too many people are dying for no real cause and the killers either remain unfound or get dragged through a severely flawed justice system which does not commit to or deliver speedy and reliable justice.

It is unfortunate for me to come to this conclusion but this is true. Until there are easier ways for police and citizens to work together in fighting crime, we will continue to see people being killed and no justice is ever arrived at. Until Jamaica updates it’s law books to match the reality of our society, fix harsher penalties for criminals and provide a framework which covers victim support, we will continue to see the crime rate rise. Until there is great intervention from the government in fighting crime, we will continue to cry tears for Shantel Wright and all the other ladies and children who have died at the hands of a jealous lover, crazy ex, strangers with evil intent or people who they know and trust. Criminals in Jamaica study the law and the system and know that crimes go unpunished everyday. They know that many things could cause them to slip through the cracks and unless we fix these cracks and people start paying the high cost of a life of crime. 21 years old Shantel Wright’s death will serve as a reminder that our young women and girls are not safe anywhere in Jamaica. That is the harsh reality of our situation and it begs for immediate attention from the powers that be.

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