Video: “We are not going to our beds!” say Accompong Maroons as they chase policemen out community

"We are not going to our beds!" say Accompong Maroons as they chase policemen out community
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A group of policemen who went to the Accompong Town Maroon community last night, and demanded that the residents who were sitting in the square “go to their beds” were promptly reprimanded and chased out of the village by its inhabitants.

Community member Daneyel Z. Bozra, started streaming the incident live on Facebook last night after claiming that one of the policemen had pulled his firearm on the residents.  According to Bozra, no police has jurisdiction over the town, and so cannot enforce the COVID 19 Disaster Risk Management Act in the community.

“Di police dem come a Maroon Town an a pull gun pon wi!  Dem a violate,” he shouted.  “Dem a violare di 1738 surrenda.  We waa know know when, di Jamaican govament get jurisdiction ova Accompong Town.   Mek wi si yuh badge numba.

As the melee escalated, Bozra and other men started telling the policeman not to hide his badge and said he would be demanding an investigation by Monday morning.

Bozra then threatened to charge the policeman for breaching the Maroon laws which he said have been in place since the 1700s.

“If you fire one shot inna Accompong wi charge yuh!  What yuh doing in Accompong?” he shouted.  “We don’t care about your Coronavirus.  This is our community.  We are all here.  We have no cornonavirus and whoever we invite here, are here at our invitation.  How dare he?

“You have no jurisdiction!  Fire di shot now!  Fire di shot.  A my town; a nuh your town!  You nuhh gi no law up yah suh.  A we have jurisdiction!” Bozra later added.   “A di whole town yuh haffi kill.”

Some of his community members restrained him and begged him not to confront the police, reminding him that some of the people who were in the streets were not Maroons, so the police could have a case against those non-Mroons.

“She a nuh Maroon.  If a did pure Maroon, it woulda be different,” the man said, in reference to one of the visitors.

However Bozra did not relent, claiming that: “A we decide if stranger fi come.”

Bozra also had some harsh words for the Government of Jamaica as well as the Jamaica Constabulary Force, whom he said, by virtue of the actions of the policeman, has “launched an attack on the sovereign rights” of the Accompong Maroons.

“If you want to do policing, go and do policing in Jamaica.   Whoever was in charge of that police squad is going to have to answer.  Assistant Commissioner Moodie, they don’t understand because these little tuffenkays that they have running around to intimidate my people need to understand, we are going to demand a thorough investigation!  We will need to know who send dem up here… he chambered a round in his firearm in Accompong Town.  How dare him!” he shouted.

“Our community has had three murders in the last 300 years, so exactly why, is dutty jancro Babylon police, who cannot contain the murder rate in dutty stinking rotten b**claat Jamaica going to violate the Accomong peaceful sovereignty!”he shouted.

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