Video: Mentally Ill Man Saves Huge Bags of Money in Montego Bay

Jamaica News: Mentally Ill Man Saves: “Vybz” as he is affectionately called, a mentally ill man who has been living on the street Lightbody Avenue, Montego Bay for over four decades, suddenly got ill and was rushed to Cornwall Regional Hospital, yesterday, April 4.

Residents of the community used the opportunity to clean his make-shift house and what happened next was nothing short of amazing. In the process of getting rid of the garbage piled-up inside, they discovered some plastic bags which were tied, and decided to open them. To their astonishment, the bags contained thousands of dollars which the mentally ill man had stashed away. A further search of the shack revealed some crocus bags which were packed with plastic bottles, which also contained money.  Montego Bay Mad man Found With Lots of Money

Vybz earns his money by helping mechanics in the area to do tasks such as changing tires etc. McKoy’s News understand that Vybz had discharged himself from the hospital hours after he was taken in.




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