Video: Majah Hype Ex-Girlfriend “Kirby” Leaked His Secrets Says He’s “Gay”

Majah Hype ex-girlfriend Kirby Farewell was interviewed moments ago where she leaked and exposed numerous things about the comedian.

She recalled the amount of times he abused her and even cheated on her. according to what she said, he is bisexual. he likes when she plays with his “BUTT”, after an argument. “After he abuse me he starts to cry and break down and beg me to forgive him. after he beat me up, he wants me to hurt him back as a revenge for me, she said.”

He wants her to penetrate him in his “BUTT” as a revenge for her, after he abuse her physically.

“Each time we argue and get into a fight, that’s what he wants me to do after. I did it to him multiple times. each time he tells me to do it after a fight, I do it to him, Kirby said.”

Kirby expressed herself and even started to cry in the interview when the interviewer asked her if she was scared of him. her was response was “at that point no. at that point I wasn’t afraid, I still believe that wasn’t who he was, I wanted to believe him so bad, she said. ”He is also very suicidal said Kirby. he used a scissors to cut his wrist. his child took a firearm from his head at one point when he tried to commit suicide.

“He tried to kill me multiple times whenever we had a disagreement. this man is crazy, he abused me throughout our whole relationship and I have never done anything bad to him. I’ve never cheated on him, she said.”

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