Video: LA Lewis Admits to Performing Oral Sex

(McKoy’s News) Video – LA Lewis Admits to Performing Oral Sex: A photo and video of self-proclaimed Dancehall Artist La Lewis have been circulating on social media which shows the controversial entertainer’s head between the legs of a woman.

Since the video emerged, social media has been buzzing with comments. A vast majority of individuals were supporting the artist while the minority gave him a severe “tongue lashing”.

The issue of oral sex has long been a taboo in Jamaica especially as it relates to Entertainers in the Dancehall Industry who castigate anyone who engages in this sexual practice. Recently, Dancehall Artist Ishawna released her song “Equal Rights” which caused her to get a lot of bashing from other entertainers.

In a video posted online, L.A. Lewis has admitted that he is, in fact, the person seen in the photos.

“It is me. The pictures got released from my girlfriend’s phone. She and her girlfriend kick off, and because they share phones from time to time, she released the pictures as a way to get back at my girlfriend. She figured that would mash up mi and mi girlfriend. But mi no vex, ah mi personal woman, nothing wrong with making love to my personal woman,” said L.A. Lewis

What are your views?  Do you think this is another publicity stunt? Check out the video below and comment.

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