Video: Jamaica Teacher Promises to harm Student

News: The world has now watched the commendable parliamentary sessions of children as young as 7-year-old, crying out to the leaders of Jamaica to take actions against the crime, bullying and abuse that the children in Jamaica face at the actions of adults; only to see yet another video circulating where a teacher verbally berates and threaten the life of a young boy in a classroom.

The gangster sounding woman made suggestions that the boy may not survive the week. When the youngster highlighted to her that he received her tyranny as a threat, the woman teacher made it clear that is was her “promise,” and instructed the boy to tell the police of her promise. She repeated several times that it was a promise, rebutting the youth as he stated it was a threat to him. Her threat/promise to the boy rang out in the class room like the school bell, while she demanded that he get out of “her classroom.”

Another student can be seen holding his head down, as if in fear among these violently verbally bullying of his classmate.

The children have videoed this interaction to retain their voice.

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