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Video Footage Will Determine Bail for Alleged Housebreaker

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Video Footage Will Determine Bail for Alleged Housebreaker: A video footage will determine whether or not Dwayne Cunningham, who has been jointly charged with two other men for larceny and housebreaking, will be granted bail.

Cunningham, who is jointly charged with Dervan Kelly and Edward Lawrence, appeared in the St. James Parish Court on Friday along with his co-accused
Kelly and Lawrence are represented by attorney-at-law Michael Hemmings, while attorney Adrian Dayes represents Cunningham.

During Friday’s court sitting, attorney Dayes told Parish Judge Natalie Hart-Hines that it was an inordinate delay and asked that the judge consider the application for bail or set a short mention date.

Judge Hart-Hines subsequently set the matter for mention on August 3 and remanded Cunningham to police custody while the other two defendants’ bails were extended.

Allegations are that on May 27, 2017 about 4:30 pm, Cunningham and Lawrence broke into a house at Rosemount Crescent and stole a quantity of cash as well as a quantity of jewelery and watches.

The complainant reportedly has a monitoring system that sent the footage to her cellphone. She alerted the police who went on the scene and accosted Cunningham. Lawrence was found seated on the back seat of Kelly’s vehicle and the stolen items were found inside the car.

Meanwhile, Kelly, who was also inside the vehicle with Lawrence, told the police that the car belongs to him and that he was the driver at all times.
The three men were taken into police custody and subsequently charged.


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