Video: Elderly Couple Loses Almost All in Fire

Fire destroyed a house, including furnishing owned by an elderly couple in Kinloss, Trelawny, on Sunday, May 17. More than $100,000 was also reportedly lost in the fire.

The house is owned by Rupert Miller and his wife Merle Miller who are in their 80s. Mr. Miller said they are lucky to be alive.

According to reports, the fire started in a room of the house occupied by the couple’s great-grandson. Several neighbors tried unsuccessfully to put out the blaze.

Two units from the Falmouth Fire department extinguished the blazed.

Only a stove, refrigerator, and a washer were saved from the inferno.

The couple also lost over one hundred thousand dollars in cash which they had at home as savings. “We have to start all over again as all our personal documents have gone up in flames, we are lucky to be alive,” said Mr. Miller.


Alan Lewin

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