Victorian Man Sentenced for Soliciting Victorian Man Sentenced Content on Social Media

A 21-year-old Victorian man was sentenced today to 14 months’ imprisonment by the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to three child abuse material offences.

The Fraser Rise man was arrested in July 2021, following a report to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) that he was using social media to solicit child abuse material and procure sexual activity from minors.

In April 2021, the Victorian Joint-Anti Child Exploitation Team (JACET) executed a search warrant at the man’s home, and seized a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone that contained sexually explicit conversations over social media between the man and three minors.

In the conversations, the man lied about his age and offered to pay for explicit images of the minors and sent them explicit images and videos of himself.

The man was convicted on two counts of using a carriage service to procure a person he believed to be under 16 years of age for sexual activity, soliciting child abuse material using a carriage service.

He was sentenced to 14 months’ imprisonment but was released immediately on a two-year good behaviour bond and ordered to pay $500.

AFP Detective Acting Superintendent Jonelle Lancashire said that every time an offender is jailed for child abuse material offences it provides an important opportunity to reflect on the online protection of children.

“When offenders cyber-flash explicit images and videos to children on social media, it’s all done in the click of a button,” Lancashire said.

“For the young person on the receiving end, they are left feeling violated by extremely graphic images or videos they didn’t ask for”.

“We encourage young people to consider privacy settings on all their social media profiles and to only communicate with people they know and trust.”

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