Victims of the Half way three accident are happy to be Alive

It was just a split second thing. I was walking and mi just gets off my phone and I just see the car coming over on the sidewalk, hit the man, and then hit mi.” These were the words of Princess Studdart, who was mowed down by a red plate taxi in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew.

“It happened so fast. The only thing I could do was jump on the car like I was starring in a movie.”

Studdart, like 26-year-old Rushane Aaron, was in the busy town conducting business when they were flung in the air by the speeding taxi operator, whose car swung on to the sidewalk.

Aaron sustained fractured ribs, bruises to his body and a cut to his head, while Studdart received injuries to her lower back, and is experiencing swelling in her knees, and hands.

To further add insult to injury, Studdart, who operates a car parts business in St Mary, told the media that the money she was travelling with to purchase goods for her business, was stolen by bystanders after the accident.

“When it swings me, the spike in the fence, rip mi jeans and the money I had just fly. Mi lose about $30,000. The people dem just tek it up. That a di first thing dem a go do.”

She added that the viral video of the incident has traumatized her family, adding that it has affected her son’s schooling.

“It rip up everybody because everybody believe seh mi dead. I am a single mother. Mi have a 12-year-old son and 22-year-old daughter. Mi son couldn’t even go a school because him say him caan get fi do nutten,” Studdart said.

“Business have to shut down until I’m out (of the hospital). I don’t know how the lower back going to work out as I’m travelling from Kingston to St Mary every day.”

Meanwhile, Aaron said he can only recall him walking on the sidewalk. The rest is a blur. “I was coming from Molynes Road, all of a sudden mi just feel something hit and mi nuh know weh happen afta dat,” he said.

George Malcolm, the driver assigned to the taxi which ploughed into the pedestrians, has surrendered to the police. But, according to the acting head of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch, Senior Superintendent Gary McKenzie, Malcolm has told investigators that he was not behind the wheel when the vehicle crashed.

McKenzie said the police are now trying to find Chad Ingram of a Central Village, St Catherine, address whom Malcolm said was driving the taxi when it swung on to the sidewalk of Eastwood Park Road. The senior cop says based on initial investigations, Ingram does not have license to operate a taxi.

Both Aaron and Studdart are urging the taxi driver to turn himself in.

“Turn yuhself in, just do the right ting, no life no lost,” Studdart said.

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