Veteran Alan Lewin, Montego Bay Journalist Discusses his Near-death Experience

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Jamaica News, Montego Bay: The bloody memories still drive fear into the heart of Alan Lewin as he gave graphic details of how he was attacked, stabbed and terribly beaten under false allegations.

Lewin shared with us his memories at Island Grill Centre Point, Montego Bay on the 1st of June 2018 at approximately 9:30 pm, when he received a call from one of his friends who goes by the name Kedesha. After he left Island Grill, he headed to the Montego Bay Courthouse. He was then approached by three young ladies, one of them accused him saying: ‘Weh you kidnap me sista fa?‘.

Lewin was at a loss to what was going on and started arguing with them.

Lewin said the women ordered him to go in a corner but he refused. As a result, he was slapped in his face.

It was at this moment Lewin realized that this was something serious. Trying to defend himself and fight back, Lewin recalled vividly how one of the women pulled out a long knife and stabbed at him, missing him at the first swing. However, before long he was stabbed seven times to the back of his head. The beating still had not ceased, even after Lewin fell to the ground and got stuck between two vehicles, instead, they started stepping on him and continued to beat him. After they left, Lewin said he was there alone and felt as if he was going to die.

Help me no…!” Lewin said to a person passing by with the strength he had left in his bloody state. The person who came to inquire about what had happened did not help. With the remaining strength he had left in his body, he got on his feet and started running to get help.

Me run go up a post office weh deh a Megra Bay Road, drop a parade get up an run again an drop a Rubis Gas Station,” said Lewin.

Lewin was admitted in the hospital for five days, where he received 10 stitches all over his body. He was later released from the hospital. He said his life has changed forever because of this incident and he is now living in fear. He added that although the state of emergency was imposed in the parish, there as not one police officer around to help him.

I am still surprised at how blatant these females were in their timing to attack me,” Lewin remarked.

Life of Alan Lewin

Alan Lewin Receives Sumfest Award

Veteran, Reporter, Freelance Photojournalist Alan Lewin a man full of potential who has been around in the field of journalism from as early as 1991 has an inspiring, as well as, impacting life story which is capable of boosting the confidence of any aspiring journalist anywhere in the world.

Growing up in a single parent family with only a mother around Lewin lived in poverty and struggled to make it in life. Alongside himself, Lewin made mention of his other three siblings which would have come along putting a financial strain on the family which soon increased his frustration. Lewin shared that he used to love playing football, on many occasions you would be sure to find him on Sundays on the football field playing, this side of him, however, is still in his likings, but cannot be done the way it was before mainly because of foot injuries he suffered as well as effects from the attack he experienced.

McKoy’s News Hosts Prestigious Awards

McKoy’s News C.E.O Antonio McKoy and Alan Lewin

Unlike other schoolers, Lewin never had the chance to acquire a secondary level of education, schooling for him ended at Albion All-Age school. Even though this could have been a set back for him as a journalist he did not allow this to hinder his dream as an aspiring media personnel. Long before Lewin became a journalist he used to hustle.

I never get the help, but I still try” said Lewin.

He also made mention that he had his own tailor shop, but business went low so that stopped. He shared that he used to sell confectionery, not only that but who knew Lewin had a liking for horse racing? Lewin elaborated on how he went to “town” on the journey of trying to help himself and signed up to become a horse jockey not making mention of whether or not he got through, he further said that he had to sell his radio to get his bus fare to go back home.

Lewin explained that in his younger days he used to read a lot of newspaper articles and many times he would imitate the news reporters some of which he liked included Marie Garthe, Don Topping and Alan Magnus. Lewin said that his career in journalism all started when an advertisement was put out for a tipster vacancy and this was where applied and started doing photography, therefore, going into Photojournalism “people even started asking me if I do passport size pictures“.

From this opportunity, Lewin soon was able to write up to 30 different papers for different news entities such as The star, McKoy News, Western Mirror and even his own Allan Lewin News.

Being blessed with the opportunity to get this job he had his low moments as well as highs. Lewin explained that he was able to soon be awarded as the” Journalist of the year 2018″, he got the “Entertainment News Award” for St. James in 2001, “The Errol Harvey Award” for best photography in the Press Association of Jamaica, “Reggae Sumfest Award” for 26 unbroken years of photography as a media personnel.

He also made mention of the many trophies, plaques and certificates that he would have received and the list goes on . In all the good comes also the bad, Lewin expressed how sometimes he felt as though he was not being treated with respect by some media personnel in the entity, however, in all this he still pushed and worked hard. Lewin went on to say that he gives props to people like Janet Silvera, Lloyd B. Smith and Adrian Frater.

Lewin while being blessed with the opportunity to be doing his dream job, he uses this opportunity to bless the lives of other young people he comes across. Lewin’s humanitarian nature was showed when he shared that he loves to “…buss people music…” he enjoys promoting young upcoming artists, “I find pleasure in helping people” Lewin said.

When asked about what advice Lewin had to give to any upcoming media personality he said “Idolize somebody in the media field, follow their footsteps, imitate and follow their pattern of writing but most importantly read a lot

There is hope for everyone and Lewin’s life story made that clear.

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