Vendor who served thousands at Albion school dies

Family members along with thousands of past students of the Albion Primary and Junior High School, (formerly Albion All Age) in Montego Bay, St James are in mourning following the passing of one of the first vendors at the institution since it opened in early 1960.

 Elsie Lawrence, otherwise called Lucille or Miss  Lus, is the mother of seven children — three boys and four girls. Her most popular son, Delroy Green, who was a member of the Montego Bay Boys Club marching band, died over two years ago.

Miss Lus served thousands of children who are now adults living all over Jamaica and the world.

On March 15 family members flew in from the United States and other parts of the world to celebrate her 90th birthday with a cake cutting and buffet-style atmosphere. Miss Lus was a vendor for many decades until in the 2000s when the school changed to Primary and Junior High when she stopped vending.

“She was a very kind vendor. If we didn’t have any money to buy food she would still give us, or if our money short she will still give us, or trust (credit) us an item,” said Marlon Lewis a past student of Albion.

 Her daughter, Sonia Miller who also went to Albion in the late ’70s has high praises for her mother. “Mom was a superwoman she treated people like a real human being with respect, she doesn’t business who you are. I really miss her so much. I can’t stop crying, we are hoping to give her a fitting send-off,” said Ms. Miller.

Born in St James, Miss Lus attended the Barracks Road Primary School, she died on May  19 of natural causes.


Alan Lewin – News Reporter

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