Vendor “Ren Ren” Sells at Matches

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: One of the most popular vendors in Montego Bay at Football matches is Ren Glispie. Born in the Barrett Town community, “Ren Ren” as he is called, is a past student of the Anchovy High school in Montego Bay. He was famous among Dacosta Cup fans more than a decade ago. After school, he played football for several community teams in the parish but has given up on playing. He is currently a vendor and believes he has procured some measure of achievement in this profession.

Ren Ren is seen selling on the Seba stands at Jarrett Park in Montego Bay on Sunday, May 13

He can be seen selling at Spot Valley, Barrett Town, Lilliput and at numerous football matches, including venues at Jarrett Park and the UDC football field in Montego Bay. He can be seen at the Seba Fan stands at Jarrett Park where he got a lot of support from the fans. When asked if anyone ever disrespect him, he quickly said no, and added that everyone he came in contact with shows him loads of love.

Ren Ren shows off some of the refreshments he has for sale at matches

Several years ago he organized a Domino Tournament in Barrett Town and a Football Competition, however,  lack of sponsorship had caused him to put the events on pause.

Just last month “Ren Ren” opened a mini-wholesale in Lilliput which he says has been doing extremely well.

Ren Ren gets help to carry his Igloo to his vending spot at Jarrett Park.


By Alan Lewin

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