Vendor feels COVID-19 pinch at Lucea Market

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News Reporter- Alan Lewin: Maud Campbell is one of the oldest vendors selling at the Stanhope
market in Lucea, Hanover. She has been there since Market started
several decades ago.
Over the years, she has used the money she earned to feed herself and
her family, and also to give a helping hand to the needy.

2- These are some of the items Miss Campbell has displaying for sale.

However, since the COVID-19 outbreak she has been having things very
difficult. I am having things very hard since the COVID-19 outbreak. All
my sales went downhill. What make it worse is the fact that the Hanover
Municipal Corporation have padlocked the gate nearest to where most of
my customers pass when entering the market.” She was referring to the
closure of one of the entrance gate to the market, which makes it easier
for authorities to monitor protocols and guidelines, and to see that all
incoming customers wear a mask and get their hands sanitized.
Miss Campbell is popular among customers who travell from all over the
parish to come and shop for several hard to get items. Some of her
stocks include: rat traps, graters, lamp wicks, lampshades,

3-Miss Maud or Maud Campbell shows us the gate that is padlocked, next to her stall at the market.

Rosemary bush, Molasses, liquid floor polish, Dutch pots, coal stoves, brooms,
slippers and even some vegetables and ground provision. “I lost many
customers, by the people taking a next route, and I hope very shortly this
gate will open so that I can start earning again, if this gate was open I
would make a lot more money than what I am making now, things are
really bad,” said Miss Campbell, while showing us the gate that was

1-Dutch pots: These are some of the Dutch Pots that Maud Campbell has for sale in the Stanhope Market in Lucea, Hanover.

Miss Campbell is not the only one affected by the closure of
the gate. Other vendors are also affected. One woman who did not want
to be named said she was facing losses in income because customers
did not pass her way anymore.

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