Vector Sector Employee Shot on Boxing Day after Conversation

December 27, 2017 – Jamaican News

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Vector Sector Employee Shot: two men who reportedly shot and injured another man in the parish of Westmoreland on Boxing Day December 26, are now being sought by the police.

Investigators pointed out that the 52-year-old victim has since been admitted to hospital in serious condition.

According to the Little London police, shortly after 1:50 a.m., on Tuesday the victim was at home in bed when both accused went to his house and called out to him.

After recognizing the voices he got up out of bed and went outside where he had a conversation with both men.

He had just finished talking and was in the process of going back inside his house when he was shot by the men.

The injured man managed to run inside his house where he summoned the Little London police.

Upon the arrival of the lawmen, the victims were transported to the Sav la mar Hospital where he is admitted.

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