Vaz Continues Donation To Help Portland Infirmary

Member of Parliament (MP) for West Portland, Daryl Vaz , who declared that behind every successful Woman there is a good man, which was somewhat done jokingly as a gesture towards his wife, had high praises for work been done at the Portland Infirmary.

Vaz, who also heaped praises on the stewardship of minister of local government and community development, Desmond McKenzie, declared that it was a privilege for him to be witnessing the completion of the female ward, and also the ground breaking for a new male ward on Wednesday.

“It is an absolute blessing to be here today, “commented Vaz.
He continued “This is a remarkable job done by the staff of the Portland Municipal Corporation in an initiative, which is been spearheaded by Minister McKenzie. I was reminded by no other than the Portland Municipal Corporation that in 2015, I have donated $25,000 monthly out of my parliamentary salary towards this Infirmary.

“I was told this morning, because I had forgotten, that since 2015 or actually in 2014, that the $25000 a month has amounted to $1.4 Million towards helping these poorly in-firmed persons to live a better life. Minister McKenzie, I cannot tell you what this means to me to be here today to witness this, and I am looking forward to coming back to look at the finished product. This place is a beautiful sight to behold for a government institution.”

The Ministry of Local Government and Community Development will be spending approximately $45 million to construct a male ward at the Infirmary, which will house 45 male residents.
The ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the new male ward comes on the heels of the completion of the Female ward, which is now housing approximately 41 female residents.

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