US Midterm Election

US Midterm Election is Today

Politics, USA: US Midterm Election The Caribbean Diaspora population in the United States is comprised of approximately 6.7 million individuals according to the U.S Census Bureau. Just imagine the power that the Caribbean people has in their hands on a day like this.  This U.S Election outcome will have a lot of consequences for many countries. People will be voting for the two major parties (Democratic Party/Republican Party) but more so on issues like Climate Change, Immigration Policies, Health Care and Education.

There are 435 house seats, 35 senate seats and 36 Governorships up for grab today. According to the Telegraph “Donald Trump and the Republicans will hope to maintain their majority in both houses during these midterm elections, but with the Democrats having a healthy lead in the polls, it is believed that they have a decent chance of taking the House of Representatives”.  This will lead to Democrats gaining strength which would help to open more discussion on the U.S 2016 General Elections which many U.S officials  said was evidently meddled by the Russians.

Local Business man and Chairman of Wisynco Group Limited William Mahfood noted that there are several reasons why Jamaica and the rest of the world have a lot to fear ahead of today’s midterm elections in the United States. His statement is as a result of President Trump’s many changes to immigration and trade policies since he became President of the United States of America. Mahfood pointed out that if Americans vote positively on locking out nationals from other countries that could spell trouble for the US, as well as the rest of the world.

Many persons continue to question the real agenda of the Republican Party and US President Donald Trump. Is he really fighting for the Interest of all Americans? If yes, President Trump would not be in war with its former allies and trade partners.

Will this be a #BlueWave or #RedWall? We will see later today.


By Mario Galbert

Mckoys News Journalist- International & Business Affairs

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