US Embassy Clarifies Gleaner’s Report on Wooing Health Workers For COVID Fight

Jamaica News: The United States Embassy in Kingston has clarified Gleaner’s report on The U.S. State Department calling for healthcare professionals, especially those working on COVID-19 issues, to contact their nearest US embassies for visa appointments. It is said that the America is not asking to recruit health professionals to abandon their nation’s fight against COVID-19 within its nation.

According to The State Department’s news post on its website, “We encourage medical professionals seeking work in the US on a work or exchange visitor visa (H or J), particularly those working on COVID-19 issues, to contact the nearest US Embassy/Consulate for a visa appointment.”

It also stated that those who were already in the United States on those visas should contact their sponsors for extending more time on their visas.

The US Embassy reported yesterday that the information posted was an attempt to give assistance and provide answers to applicants who had questions pertaining to the petitions by medical professionals.

The Gleaner has since updated the report after having it clarified for applicants applying for professional visas at the local embassy for health professionals treating patients with COVID-19.

“We recognise that our initial notice was not clearly worded and have since updated it to clarify that this only applied to applicants with approved petitions or existing participants in certified exchange programmes,” the embassy said.

The embassy added yesterday that The Gleaner reported that “a number of incorrect assertions about the US government’s policies” but didn’t offer requirements.

Ian Brownlee, the assistant secretary for consular affairs, said in a Washington Post news report, “stated that the initial message was ‘not as clear as it might have been’”.


News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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