Urinal has Faeces Instead of Urine

Jamaica News: This is a public urinal being installed outside of Cage Café and persons passing by especially the males, who use it regularly, expressed their shocked to see the condition that it is in recently.

“What a disgrace, what a piece of nastiness! These people have no pride; they are just nasty and wukless!” These were just some of the words uttered by a disgruntle male who went to use the urinal place at the corner of North Lane in Montego Bay, St. James when he discovered a urinal filled with faeces.

The urinal which was placed there since for males to use instead of men to urinate at the street corner was half filled with the faeces. As a consequence, when other males went to urinate in it, the stench was so unbearable that they have to use the corner adjacent to the Cage Cafe, which sells snacks and poses health hazard to persons passing by there and for those who purchased and consumed snacks and beverages from that location. “Every morning, I have to use bleach water and soap to wash away the corner, this is the reason why people hardly pass here. If I told them not to urinate there, they just ignored me because no one is prosecuting them, that’s why they get away with it.” said Leonie Shaw, a cashier at the Cage Cafe, while pointing out the urinal that is filled with faeces.

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Another lady who was passing by and overheard the conversation was quick to give her piece, “I am disappointed with the men’s behaviour for them just pissing up every corner them ketch, they are lucky that they have urinal to use for free. We don’t have any, we have to pay and by 5 pm all of them are closed to the public.” Referring to the public toilets in the city. When contacted, Deputy Mayor, Leeroy Williams said he is aware of the public urinals, but never had the slightest believe that someone defecated in them. “I will bring the matter up to the parish council (St. James Municipal Corporation) to see what can be done to remedy the situation as to make public toilet usage more accessible during day and night times for both male and female.” said Councillor Leeroy Williams who was also thinking about locations where he could have some mobile toilets being placed at strategic locations with a person to monitor them.

1-This is the urinal at the corner of North Lane filled with faeces.

2-Cage-Leonie Shaw shows the corner of the Cage Cafe which is fill with urinals despite the urinal nearby


By: Alan Lewin

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