Man Chopped to Death in St James

UPDATE: Police Arrested Haitian Man who Chopped Off Wife Hand

Ramble, Hanover (McN) – Update: Police nabbed the man who chopped off his wife’s hand on Monday morning in Ramble Hanover.

Hover police arrested the Haitian man who allegedly chopped off his wife’s hand in Hanover this morning.

Reports in to McKoy’s News are, the police have taken Justin Cisceronm who was found at his St. James home, into custody after the alleged gruesome act of hacking off his wife’s hand.

Reportedly Cisceronm and the victim are separated since December 2016 after 1 year of marriage.

The Ramble police reported that, about 6:30 am on Monday, the accused man and the female got involved in a domestic dispute. The man armed himself with a machete and attacked the female.

He then used the machete to chop off one of the female hand.

Community members and other family members rushed the wounded woman to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where she is undergoing surgery.

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