Update on the Investigation of the Incident at the Spanish Town Hospital

Kingston, Jamaica. Tuesday, June 29, 2021: The Board of the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA) has received reports concerning the June 2, 2021 incident at the Spanish Town Hospital which involved Ms. Shanique Armstrong. The allegations were investigated and the Board having considered the findings of the investigation has made a number of recommendations for immediate implementation as follows:

1.     The re-organisation of the operations at the Spanish Town Hospital;

2.     Have midwives provide direct patient care to pregnant women;

3.     Discontinue the practice of bedpans for a miscarriage and implement the use of incontinent pads and/or adult diapers;

4.     Provide grief counselling to women who miscarry;

5.     Prevent a reoccurrence as that experienced by Ms. Armstrong by having Case Manager, Public Health Nurse  or Social Worker assist pregnant women in the navigation of the health and social care systems; and

6.     Re-organize the care system for persons suspected with COVID-19 within the hospital to accommodate women who are in early pregnancy.

The Spanish Town Hospital Management Committee must now move to ensure that these recommendations are put in place to prevent any similar occurrence as that experienced by Ms. Shanique Armstrong.

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