University Seeks Nude Model – UTech Willing To Pay You To Get Naked

University Seeks Nude Model – UTech Willing To Pay You To Get Naked

When you think of a university classroom, you immediately think books, laptops, pencils and pens. More importantly, you envision all the people in that setting to be fully clothed. But the animation department of the University of Technology (UTech) has torn up that script. It has made a call for a nude model, but has not said how much the job will pay.

This model will be required to pose in nude in front of animation students, in order for them to complete drawings.

Jeffrey Menzies, life drawing and figure analysis lecturer at UTech, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the job is open for both males and females.

“What instigated the job listing are many centuries of drawing. Artists have been drawing a nude model since the beginning of time, because of the essence of learning to draw the figure and the need to understand the anatomy. You can’t draw the model with the clothes on if you’re going to learn to draw the anatomy,” he said.

“It’s definitely new to the University of Technology, but it’s nothing new. If UTech is developing an art programme, they need to be able to step up and offer the proper education to the students.”

Menzies said that the privacy of the model would be secured.

“It’s a very controlled environment… for the students, if there’s any level of immaturity, they exit the classroom. There are no phones allowed in the class. I’m going to be collecting phones to secure the level of professionalism. The room has tinted windows with blinds over the tinting, and I will have key to the class, so I will be able to lock the door,’ he explained.

He says drawing a person in the nude is absolutely necessary for the course.

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