Universities Struggling

Hit by COVID-19 some of the universities in Jamaica continue to struggle.

Tertiary institutions generally have been affected by reduced tuition payments and cash flow issues as many students have not even now paid fees for the current year. In some cases, the universities and colleges have had to repay boarding fees for students who have had to go home since March when most closed their campuses and switched to online learning.

University of the West Indies (UWI) had informed staff earlier this week that it would not be able to pay salaries today, Friday May 22. The regional university said it would be able to pay by Wednesday, May 27. However, it now says it will be able to pay today, as it received some funds Thursday.

At the same time, Northern Caribbean University (NCU), headquartered in Mandeville, Manchester is cutting staff pay by ten per cent and  suspending some benefits.

Meantime, Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) in a note to students Wednesday said: “We continue to face the harsh realities of this global health crisis.” It has not yet made any staff or benefits cuts.

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