United Kingdom deporting Jamaicans

British High Commissioner Responds to United Kingdom Deporting Jamaicans


Kingston, Jamaica (McN) –  The British High Commissioner to Jamaica, David Fitton on March 3, responds to the media report of plans of in mass, on a private plane headed to Jamaica on March 8, 2017

Fitton’s written response on United Kingdom Deporting Jamaicans

Mr. David Fitton states that the UK government always encourages a voluntary departure for those who have no legal basis to stay in the UK.

Fitton says that if they (Jamaican’s living in the UK illegally) do not wish to leave voluntarily, then the United Kingdon need to make other arrangements. His statement refers to the privately chartered planes used to bring Jamaicans deported for the UK.

The United Kingdom deporting Jamaicans in mass is happening ironically after Jamaican Government refused £25-million, from the United Kingdom to build a modern prison for Jamaican criminals deported from the United Kingdom. A Britain Member of Parliament has said the Jamaican Government action on refusal is a disgrace. 

The High Commissioner to Jamaica outlined that every [deportation] case is carefully considered on its individual merits and all decisions are made according to the [United Kingdom] law.

Mr. Fitton in his letter to a media house on United Kingdom deporting Jamaicans,  reported that of those returned, some are people who have committed crimes in the UK and served their sentences in prison. Others are immigration offenders who no longer have a valid reason to stay.

One thing was clear in his message are that all the all the deportees are Jamaican nationals.

In closing Fitton reminded that the United Kingdom has worked with the Jamaican government in the resettlement of the deported Jamaican national from the UK.

“We work closely with the Jamaican authorities to help them re-settle. Since 2008, the UK has invested around £5 million in resettlement projects alone in Jamaica, working with both Government and non-governmental organisations to develop support services to reintegrate and rehabilitate those who return,” reminded David Fitton. 

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