Uncle Raped Niece then Murdered and Stored her Body in Freezer

London, UK (The Sun) – Uncle Raped Niece: AN ‘OBSESSED’ uncle Tasered his young niece before raping and murdering her and hiding her body in a freezer, a court heard.

Celine Dookhran, 20, was allegedly kidnapped by Mujahid Arshid, 33, and his employee Vincent Tappu, 28, before she was raped and had her throat slit in south London.

The young woman’s body was then stuffed into a freezer while her friend, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, who had also been kidnapped managed to survive.

Prosecuting, Crispin Aylett QC told the jury that Arshid had become “obsessed” with his 20-year-old niece Celine, but realised that she was “beyond his clutches” due to her relationship with her boyfriend, a Libyan Muslim.

The Old Bailey was told Celine’s hands and legs were taped together while Arshid said “f*** me over, this is what happens”.

Mr Aylett added: “He said to the other man, ‘get the b**** when she comes out of the bathroom’.”

 Vincent Tappu and Mujahid Arshid are accused of kidnapping the young woman
Uncle Raped Niece: Vincent Tappu and Mujahid Arshid are accused of kidnapping the young woman

The court heard the woman saw the other man head towards the bathroom with a Taser, followed by Arshid, before Miss Dookhran started screaming.

The woman heard a buzzing sound like a Taser being used, which made Miss Dookhran “cry out even more”, it was said.

They were then bound and carried out of the house, the jury was told.

Mr Aylett said the accused had plotted to kidnap young Miss Dookhran and her friend and dispose of their bodies, telling the jury: “Thereafter, and it is as bizarre as it is terrible, he intended to rape them before murdering them and disposing of their bodies.”

 The court heard that the men took the two girls to a home in south west London
Uncle Raped Niece: The court heard that the men took the two girls to a home in south west London

“He considered either putting them in acid, in order that their bodies might dissolve, or else concealing them in a deep freezer.”

The Old Bailey was told both men disguised themselves with balaclavas and gloves before bursting into the 20-year-old’s room on July 19 last year.

Mr Aylett said: “The two women had socks stuffed into their mouths. Their mouths were covered in tape.

“Their hands and feet were tied together. Each of them was wrapped in a builder’s dust sheet.”

Arshid scooped up clothes and phones, to give the “entirely false” impression Miss Dookhran had run away, it was claimed.

Tappu played no further part, jurors were told.

Arshid is accused of taking the women to a £1.5m property in Kingston-on-Thames, where he had been working at as a builder, raping both of them.

 Forensic officers were called to the property after Celine's body was found
Uncle Raped Niece: Forensic officers were called to the property after Celine’s body was found

It is there he is accused of cutting Celine’s throat and allowing her to die before stuffing her body in the freezer and locking it.

The court heard Arshid then took the second woman, in her 20s, upstairs and cut her throat, telling her “she would be dead within ten minutes”.

He added: “It must have been the defendant’s intention to murder both women and to conceal their bodies in the deep freezer of an unoccupied house.

“That way, it might be many many months before anyone thought to open the freezer that had been put in the kitchen of that house.”

But instead, the young woman managed to survive, alerting police who were then able to find the home and Celine’s body.

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