Uncertainty Over Housing and Population Census Due to COVID-19

Jamaica News: There is uncertainty whether Jamaica’s next housing and population census, slated for 2021, will be held, in light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The survey, which captures data on the total number of citizens and households in the country, is conducted every 10 years by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN).

Director General, Carol Coy, says COVID-19, among other issues, has impacted or is likely to affect aspects of STATIN’s preparations.

“We suspect that our pilot (survey), which we were hoping to go into the field (to conduct) in July 2020… might be impacted by COVID,” she indicated during a digital media briefing on Thursday (April 16).

Additionally, the Director General cited challenges relating to tablet computers which, she pointed out, were slated to be used for the first time in the census exercise, in 2021.

“We have had issues already… in trying to order tablets for our pilot survey (as) there seems to be an issue with the supply chain,” Ms. Coy explained.

She said, however, that while STATIN is unable to definitively say, at this stage, whether the 2021 census will take place, “we are still going ahead (and) planning for it”.

Jamaica’s population and households totalled 2,697,983 and 853,660 respectively, when the last census was conducted in 2011.


Source: JIS News

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