Uber List Ways for Lessor Partners to Stay Safe while Using the App

Kingston, Jamaica: Uber has over 30 functionalities and safety features that allow lessor partners to use the app with a peace of mind. Geared towards strengthening the company’s position of safety first, the app has several tools and resources that lessor partners can take advantage of.

We want lessor partners to know that we care about their safety. We have a number of safety tools in the app that we want them to use with confidence and trust as they earn daily,” shared Uber.

If you are a lessor partner, now is the time to get familiar with the below, which are among some of the best safety features the app has to offer.

Safety functionalities and features for lesson partners:

Call 119: This button gives lessor partners the option to connect directly to 119 through the app if there is an emergency.

24/7 support: Uber has a robust support team available 24/7.

Audio recording: If something unpleasant happens during the lease, users and lesson partners can activate this tool and record audio with the application. This recording is used to submit a report to Uber's 24/7 support team.

Share your Ride: Uber has real-time location sharing with friends and family throughout the ride, and can be shared with up to 5 trusted contacts.

Internal chat: Uber allows both lessor partners and users to communicate without revealing personal information.

RideCheck: If a lessor partner’s car stops for an unusually long time, the app’s GPS

technology will detect the stop and a member of Uber’s safety team will reach out to check if everything is ok.

Insurance: All leases through the Uber app are insured. This includes coverage for all

occupants and third parties who may be involved in an accident.

In addition, Uber also monitors each lease made in the system with GPS technology and has implemented strict community guidelines that promote mutual respect. Users and lessor partners can also rate each other and report incidents through the app.

We encourage lessor partners and users alike to explore our safety toolkit. Everyone should feel safe when they use Uber and so providing safe technology is something we take very seriously,” said Uber.

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