Uber Features: Multiple Stops and Price Split to Enjoy a Lease with Friends

Kingston, Jamaica.- The hustle and bustle of going out with friends should no longer be a headache, much less an excuse. With Uber’s multiple stops and split fare feature, fun leases with your favorite people can be experienced safely and easily.

Through the Uber app, you can organize an outing that allows you to make Multiple Stops before reaching your final destination.

To access this feature, simply do the following:
● Open the Uber app and tap WHERE ARE YOU GOING?
● Press the + that appears in those boxes
● Additional boxes will appear with ADD A DESTINATION (you will only be able to
make two additional stops)
● Enter the destination in each box
● Press DONE
● Complete your application to request a lease
In addition to being able to share the lease and pick up your friends on the way to the final destination, you can also access the option “Split your lease”. To activate the feature, you only have to enter the “Split your lease” option at the bottom of the screen and enter the names or phone numbers of the other users, so they will receive a notification to accept the lease split. This way, each friend can assist with the fare price.

Organizing an outing with friends has never been so easy, especially with the confidence and safety that the Uber app provides when moving around cities.

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