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Tyrese post racial insults on black women, after referring to wife as ‘black queen.”

Tyrese post have many wondering if he really is a black man or just another racist man covered in black skin.

The ‘Transformers’ and ‘Fast and Furious’ actor, who recently tied the knot with his girlfriend of four years, posted a wedding pic captioned ‘my black queen.’


Persons commented saying she is not black, maybe Hispanic or Latina or just racially ambiguous. Many questioned why he referred to a non-black woman as black queen.


Tyrese post hit back saying black women are haters, jealous of his wife and they should continue being mad while he is happy with his wife( paraphrasing). The actor went further by posting a picture of a mannequin wearing a lace front wig, then further stated that we see all the tracks, we see the fake hair, the unreal look, and that black women are mimicking the women he’s attracted to.


” you aren’t fooling men with your lace front wig,” This comment reported came from the black actor Tyrese.


The comments came pouring in on his Instagram, as many felt he was disrespecting black women who supported him for years, some say he has finally gotten the chance to say how he really felt about black women without an apology. persons also felt he was frankly racist and typical of black men to attack black women, once they get rich and use non black women as weapon to attack black women.
Tyrese then deleted his comment, as many persons, both male and female felt he was being very disrespectful to an entire ethnicity of women and continue the stereotypical black women bashing but are the same black men seeking support from black women against racial profiling and unjust police shooting.


Those were, in a nutshell the comments that came pouring on his account and other pages that re-posted his comment, and the photo of a mannequin which he used.


One comment made reference to basketball players and other sports athletes who do the same thing to black women, yet their mothers are black women, their sisters and other female relatives are all black women.

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