Two vehicles collided in Bog Walk Gorge

Two vehicles collided in Bog Walk Gorge

A black Nissan Lafesta motor car in collision with another motorcar in the Bog Walk Gorge which sends two persons to hospital Sunday night.

The injured passengers had been transported in a black Nissan Lafesta motor car about 10.15pm, when involved in an accident with a white Toyota Probox.

Reports are that the tax driver was overtaking other vehicles around corners in the Gorge at a fast speed, after he drove across the Flat Bridge, heading towards Bog Walk. While he was overtaking another line of vehicles around a blind corner when the accident occurred by crashing into the Lafesta which was travelling towards Spanish Town.

One of the passengers hit her head, busted her mouth and appeared to have several teeth that were loose.

The extensive of the damage to the Lafesta was much more as the entire front of the vehicle was smashed up. The police were summoned to the scene about 10.50 pm and taking statements from the respective drivers.

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