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Two toddler brothers burnt to death after board house fire in St. James


Two toddlers lost their lives on Friday night when a fire of unknown origin destroyed the one-bedroom board house where they resided with their mother and two other siblings in St. James.

A six-year-old sister of the deceased boys also received burns, and has since been hospitalized.

The two deceased boys have been identified as eight-year-old Javinci Palmer and one-year-old Tyler McLeod, both of Bond Street, Norwood, St James.

According to reports, Palmer was left in charge of himself and his three siblings by their 28-year-old mother, and at approximately 11:30 pm, fire was seen coming from the house.

The fire brigade was alerted and during a search of the rubble, the charred remains of the two toddlers were discovered.

The fire brigade and the police are currently investigating the incident.

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