Two men were Killed in a Shootout with Police in St. Mary

Two men were fatally shot in a confrontation with the police on Agualta Vale main road St. Mary yesterday morning.

It is understood that around 2:15 am, the two men were travelling on the Agualta Vale main road when they were signalled to stop by the police.

The men ignored the police instructions and speed off in their motor car, which resulted in the police giving chase.

The police reported that the men then shot at them, which led them to return fire at them, resulting in their demise. 

As their car halted, the men were seen suffering from gunshot wounds and were taken to hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

The men have been identified as Denroy Hall, otherwise called ‘Jimmy Lee’, and Jemar Plunkett, otherwise known as  ‘Reds’, who both reside on Love Lane in Annotto Bay, St Mary.


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